Environmental policy implementation is the way to production ecological efficiency increase

Production growth in terms of environmental load reduction is a core of ecology protection and quality management policy.

To implement the environmental protection programm all employees of AS "Nitrofert" adhere to the following principles in their daily work:

  • apply the existing legal acts of Estonia and the developed documentation of the integrated management system (IMS)
  • raise the environmental awareness
  • minimize harmful effects on the environment
  • rationally use the natural resources: natural gas, artesian and lake water, as well as electric and thermal energy
  • recycle production wastes
  • continually improve IMS procedures
  • annually review management policies
  • analyze the IMS functioning
  • check the effectiveness of control policies with the help of certified internal and external auditors
  • provide open access to the IMS documentation and to the Environmental Targets Achieving Program, and environmental aspects assessment information

AS "Nitrofert" adopted the Environmental Targets Achieving Program aimed at improvement of ecological situation in the region. In line with initiated program a number of major environmental projects will be implemented until 2017:

1. Construction of the gas condensate treatment facility to reduce the lake water consumption, decline the sludge mass by 20% and eliminate the nitrogenous runoff directed to the biological treatment, and then to the Gulf of Finland. The targeted project completion period: 2016 - 2017.

2. Capital repairs of the primary reforming furnace with the use of thin-walled reaction tubes to reduce the consumption of natural gas for burning - primary reforming furnace.

3.  Installation of filters for the purification of artesian water from iron and manganese. The targeted project completion period -2015.

4. Reduction of the lake water consumption by 50 m3/h.

5. Elimination of the nitrogen runoff into the Gulf of Finland 450 ths. m3/year(2,1 m3 per 1 tonne of ammonia).


AS "Nitrofert" will spent EUR 11 million to the Environmental Targets Achieving Program realization