AS "Nitrofert" one of the leading chemical enterprises in Estonia

The sixties and the seventies: the nitrogen plant setting up and development

The synthetic ammonia and urea producing plant was started up in 1969, in Kohtla-Järve. In the following years the plant kept developing, new technologies were implemented and a part of out-of-date and obsolete equipment was taken out of service.

The daily output of the urea unit is 620 tonnes.

The ammonia plant with a daily capacity of 600 tonnes of liquid ammonia using the ENSA’s updated scheme has been operating since 1979.

The nineties: formation of JSC Nitrofert

Nitrofert Joint Stock Company (Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia) was formed in December 1993 on the premises of a fertilizer business (former Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant), which initially formed a part of "Slantsekhim" Production Association, and thereafter a part of "Kiviter" Joint Stock Company. Nitrofert JSC is located in Ida-Virumaa County, industrial region of Estonia, in 150 km from Tallinn, the capital and the largest port of the country and in 35 km from the new Sillamäe port where ammonia is shipped.

Period of 2000s: implementation of European standards

The enterprise implemented its Quality Management System complying with the international ISO 9001:2000 standard in 2006.

New development stage: growth and consolidation in the market

In 2014, Nitrofert JSC joined Dmitry Firtash’s assets group and now the enterprise is a part of OSTCHEM associating Ukraine’s major nitrogen plants: JSC Concern STIROL, PJSC “AZOT” (Cherkasy), PJSC “Rivneazot” (Rivne) and PrJSC Severodonetsk Azot Association (Severodonetsk).